WeatherMap App

API. Data visualisation. Mobile application. Push notification.

The new WeatherMap App for your mobile provides accurate weather forecasts for hundreds of locations across New Zealand. The App also includes a cool new feature that notifies you when your preferred weather conditions have been forecasted.

If you need to know when it is going to rain or when it gets too cold, you can quickly set the App to “alert” you when this is going to happen in the next 7 days. This is great for outdoor work and recreational activities.

The App also includes improved summary icons, ability to add your favourite spots, and forecast weather maps that provide high resolution detail on rain, pressure, swell, period, wind and sea temperature. The App and it’s services are free.

The SwellMap Surf and SwellMap Boat App’s have also been updated with the latest alert functionality. This is great for surfers and boaties who need to know when the conditions are likely to be good for their favourite activities!