Underkeel clearance for ports

Data visualisation. Web application.

for MetOcean Solutions Ltd as an employee.

Deciding whether there is enough water depth for a ship to pass in and out of port is a huge responsibility and dependent on many physical factors such as tides, waves, vessel motion and cargo. A miscalculation can be costly and result in damage to cargo and vessel, and more importantly endangering the safety of the crew.

Whilst working for MetOcean Solutions as an employee, I developed a web application to reduce the complexities of such a task by projecting the depth and underlying components into an interactive visualisation of depths en-route. A colour system is used to make port transit planning a fast and simple process without masking all the contributing data.

The interface provides two main displays. Firstly, a planning visualisation that presents the opening and closing of windows of ample depth for the next 7 days. Secondly, a user can then view a detailed visualisation of the underkeel clearance (or available depth) for a particular time. Both visualisations provide interaction features such as zooming and popups to view specific values.