API. Data visualisation. Mobile application. Web design.

for MetOcean Solutions Ltd as an employee.

SwellMap is probably the most popular marine forecasting website in New Zealand as well as receiving a growing international user base. SwellMap.co.nz provides oceanographic and meteorological information that can be extremely useful for marine activities such as fishing, surfing and boating.

Working for MetOcean Solutions Ltd as an employee, I developed SwellMap as a custom web framework to handle large data sets and present complex weather data in a user friendly way.

The architecture is designed to be entirely self sufficient. Scheduled processes handle tasks such as the requesting and processing of weather data, the detection and rollback of erroneous data, and website advertising for revenue.

The web framework is also used for other MetOcean Solutions websites such as WeatherMap.co.nz as well as providing a data service for third party weather websites.


Visit http://www.swellmap.co.nz