Route planning and weather forecasting service

API. Data visualisation. Web application.

for MetOcean Solutions Ltd as an employee.

Whilst working for MetOcean Solutions as an employee, I developed a web application framework for interactively planning the effect of weather and sea conditions on ship transits, both into and out of ports and for open ocean passages. A flexible JavaScript API allows easy and rapid integration into existing web applications or can be used to quickly develop a stand-alone web service.

Using either OpenLayers or Google Maps, the planner can interactively modify a route or schedule on the map and then immediately access a newly updated forecast presented in a graphical format. For ocean transits an optimisation module returns ‘minimum cost’ routes and schedules based on user specified criteria such as fuel saving, passage time or sea-keeping.

I also presented a paper Warner&JohnsonCP2013 on this project at the Coasts and Ports 2013 conference.