We are passionate about technology and design.

We are a small web company based in Raglan, New Zealand.

Our mission

We strive for clean and simple designs that do exactly what you want, and are both pleasing on the eye and easy to use.

Our expertise

Web design

When we build you a website we ensure it does what you want and it looks good, plus fully search engine optimised and fast on loading.

Web applications

We focus on providing your users with the functionality to achieve their goal in as fewer steps as possible.

Data visualisations

Visually enhancing your data for decision making and understanding, and interactive features for user manipulation of the information.

HTML 5 mobile apps

A single mobile app that runs natively on any mobile device. This takes away the pain and costs of having to support multiple versions of your mobile software.


We can deploy your services and information to third parties with an API (Application Programming Interface). This allows developers to access and use your data. Great for promotion and making more money.


A Content Management System for the ability to fully control the look and content of your website. This also includes multiple users with different roles.

Wesley Warner

Director & Web Developer

Wesley is originally from the UK where he studied a BSc Honours in Computer Science at the University of Bath followed by several roles as an application developer. Since moving to New Zealand 7 years ago, Wesley has worked for a fast growing oceanographic and meteorological company called MetOcean Solutions Ltd where he worked on a variety of highly specialised and innovative projects that relied on his skills as a designer and programmer.

With a passion for both design and science Wesley decided to form TopCat Creatives in March 2014 as he felt the growing demand for products like web applications, infographics and visualisations were a perfect match for his interests and key skills.

Glen Mossong

Web & Graphic Designer

Glen completed his BA in Graphic Design back in 2001 before working at a graphics company for a couple of years. Glen then shifted to web design and went freelance.

With a sharp eye for design, Glen has been designing unique and beautiful websites for over a decade. His ideas are refreshing and his workflow is thorough. He has the ability to merge his artistic flare with the technical requirements of applications.